Gonzales Update

So after this performance on Tuesday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Democrats are calling for an investigation of Alberto Gonzales via special prosecutor to determine whether or not he perjured himself during his testimony.
In addition, subpoenas were announced today for several Presidential aides including Karl Rove to testify in front of the senate committee. These subpoenas will undoubtedly be ignored however, falling under the same umbrella of executive privilege that has been used thus far to deny the committee much of the documents and testimony it’s requested.
In an attempt to break the wall of executive privilege, a House of Representatives Panel voted yesterday to bring criminal contempt charges against White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolton and former White House Council Harriet Miers after both of them refused to comply with the congressional subpoenas issued to them. However, as pointed out below by the Daily Show, it is ultimately the responsibility of Alberto Gonzales to enforce the charges.

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