Corporate Internet Surveillance


While looking at today’s blog information, I noticed that one of the hits had come through a link from another web site. Interested, i clicked the link and was brought to the login page for a website called RepuTrace.

RepuTrace advertises itself as “the All-In-One Corporate Intelligence Tool which can also be used in the areas of brand and reputation monitoring.” The website notes, A single allegation can escalate into the swift demise of your valued reputation.To this extent they monitor blogs, forums, message boards, consumer sites, videos, and images for anything directly related to their clients.

Here is an example from the website of RepuTrace in action:

“After locating discussion about a planned environmental protest (3 busloads of protesters) outside a company’s location on an on-line chat room, the RepuTrace Team sent an urgent notification-along with the located link-to the company’s Corporate Security Department days in advance. As a result, the company was well prepared and deployed uniformed guards in place to ensure all civilian traffic had access to their location and effectively managed the protesters.”

After some brief research, I discovered that RepuTrace is only one of many similar services offered by a company called CoreX Technologies and Solutions which seems to be in the process of repackaging itself as RepuMetrix. The full range of services offered are:

RepuTrace, consumer opinion, employees concerns, competitors strengths and weaknesses and emerging threats to a company’s reputation, brand and products.

BlogEagle Swooping in to grab what people are saying on blogs and chat rooms about your company or developments affecting your industry.

PressPanther Diligently tracking media outlets of all sizes and kinds to monitor specific news and information to give you a unique, global perspective.

BrandProbe Is vital to business. It searches all forms of consumer conversation connected with a company, product or brand to ensure it is perceived as desired.

Every blogger i could find who had examined the RepuTrace IP addresses that had visited them found the origin in Thornhill, Ontario. This user in particular found that he was being monitored by Ontario Power Generation. Because of this I’m pretty sure that Turtle City was looked at because of my mention of Ontario Power Generation a day or two ago.

So to summarize, if you write anything on the internet about a company employing one of CoreX’s services, the site will be monitored, the risk to the company assessed, and if you’ve said anything negative the company will likely be informed.

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One response to “Corporate Internet Surveillance

  1. Hi
    I have been reputraced on many occasions. My blog has been hit by re-directs.
    any tag that has anything to do with the wind industry or Hydro. I’m getting pissed off. It’s bad enough when the media is in the hip pocket of the govt and the corporations. Blogs are about the last place to find truth and you get these guys screwing with our blogs.
    Screw anyone who dares to stop free speech.
    Visit my blog at


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