Tritium Regulation Reform Update


After waiting over a day for the 2006-2007 annual ODWAC report to be posted online, i emailed the council and asked when it would be made available to the public. I received an answer this morning:

“The Council’s Annual Report, was indeed due yesterday, but according to our Terms of Reference, it is due to the Minister of the Environment. Upon receipt of the Report, it is up to the discretion of the Minister as to when to publicly release it. I wish I could offer you a more definitive answer, but I really don’t know when the report will be released.
If there is something specific you were looking for, check out our website, or call me.”

I called the guy and asked about whether the report recommended reducing the amount of tritium allowed in drinking water. He told me that there was no mention of tritium levels in the report because they are currently working on a new report dealing exclusively with that issue. While originally due in February, he mentioned that this report would more realistically end up reaching the Minister of the Environment by October at which point it would released to the public at her discretion.
It seems extremely convenient that every provincial panel or council charged with assessing a possible election issue are expected to release their findings just after the election.

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