Land Mines Found in Creek Near London, Ontario

The Toronto Star, August 4th:

On Friday afternoon, a woman found an object that looked like a land mine while walking her dog near a creek and called police.

…photos of the device were sent to the Ontario Provincial Police and the military ordinance disposal unit, which confirmed it was a piece of military ordinance. A search uncovered another device in the water about two metres away from the first one, which had been in a culvert under the road.

The military detonated the devices rather than risk transporting them, and has collected debris from the detonation area.

“We’re not absolutely positive at this point in the investigation that these were anti-tank ordinances,” [Strathroy police Sgt. Mike] Overdulve said, though he added that police suspect they are.


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2 responses to “Land Mines Found in Creek Near London, Ontario

  1. Kalin

    So, ehm, didn’t anyone ask WHY there were landmines near London, ON?

    I’m astounded! These stories you find are incredible, keep it up.

  2. turtlecity

    thanks so much!
    police are theorizing that they might come from a collection of some sort and were either being disposed of negligently or were actually intended to be used maliciously.

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