US Congress to Investigate Yahoo

MarketWatch, August 3rd:

The House Foreign Affairs Committee staff “will investigate whether officials from the Internet company Yahoo! misrepresented the company’s role in a human rights case in China that sent a journalist to jail for a decade,”…referring to Chinese journalist Shi Tao.

Shi was jailed after he posted an account of a government crackdown on democracy activists online, and Yahoo provided Chinese authorities with information about his email account, the statement said.

“It is bad enough that a wealthy American company would willingly supply Chinese police the means to hunt a man down for shedding light on repression,” Committee Chairman Tom Lantos said in the statement, adding that, “Covering up such a despicable practice when Congress seeks an explanation is a serious offense.”

Yahoo general counsel Michael Callahan told a House subcommittee in 2006 that when the company divulged identifying material about Shi, it “had no information about the nature of the investigation.”

But Lantos references documents posted by the San Francisco-based Dui Hua Foundation in late July. Those documents purport to show a request by Chinese police for information about Shi from Yahoo, specifically regarding an investigation into the “illegal provision of state secrets.” See the documents posted online.

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