Bridge Maintenance

The Toronto Star, August 3rd:

In the wake of a deadly bridge collapse in Minneapolis, a top Ontario engineer says many bridges in this province are reaching the end of their intended lifespan and need significant maintenance funding to avoid a similar catastrophe here.

The Toronto Star, August 6th:

Robert Copeman was walking to church when he noticed the bocce-ball-sized gap in the façade of the railway bridge and the hunk of concrete that had fallen onto the abutment below.

“There are still cracks up there. You can still see the cracks,” Copeman said.


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2 responses to “Bridge Maintenance

  1. S.Z.

    Which bridge had the aforementioned bocce ball sized gap?

  2. turtlecity

    It fell from a railway overpass a block west of Victoria Park and Lawrence.
    Details are in the article!

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