Hatch Act Violations

Two days ago I wrote about how Alberto Gonzales appeared to have lied to Ted Kennedy about whether or not Karl Rove and company gave partisan political briefings to Justice Department officials.

In the same post, I quoted a Washington Post article which mentioned that the US Office of Special Counsel had previously conducted its own investigation and found that a briefing given by Karl Rove’s deputy Scott Jennings at the General Services Administration in late January had violated the Hatch Act due to its partisan political nature.

Below is a video of a hearing from that investigation. Being questioned is Lurita Doan, the General Services Administration Chief.

Why is this relevant?

While the location and the people watching the briefings may differ, in both cases the briefings were created and presented by Karl Rove or his staff and presented to government officials on government property.

If presenting these partisan briefings to members of a governmental organization in charge of supplies has been found to violate the Hatch Act, I can’t see why it would be any different when the briefings are being given to members of the Department of Justice.

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