Russia/Georgia Missile Dispute Update

The New York Times, August 9th:

On Tuesday, the commander of Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia said on Russian national television that the Ossetians had fired at a plane, apparently thinking it was Georgian.

The head of the analysis department for Georgia’s Interior Ministry said the plane might have released the missile after taking fire from [confused] Ossetian separatists on the ground.

Georgia said it had collected radar records from both its civilian and military air traffic controllers that clearly show an aircraft enter from Russia, fly to the area of the strike, then turn around and fly back into Russia.

Because the missile did not explode, many of the fragments were recovered. Georgian officials said the remains of [the] missile…made clear that it was one designed in Soviet times.

“…we are initiating a process of calling for a special session of the U.N. Security Council,” [said Georgia’s Foreign Minister.]

According to the article, a previous attack in March led UN investigators to suspect Russian involvement but due to the lack Russian cooperation and the subsequent unavailability of any radar records, no accusations were made.

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