Russian Jets Return to Cold War Patrols

The Telegraph, August 9th:

Russian bombers have flown to the US airforce base on the Pacific island of Guam for the first time since the Cold War.

The aerial brinkmanship, known as “buzzing”, was part of an exercise yesterday designed to prove the nation’s resurgent military power.

Before the collapse of the Soviet regime, bombers routinely flew far over the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans – the areas from where they would launch nuclear cruise missiles at the United States in case of war.

However the economic meltdown of the 1990s brought such manoeuvres to a halt.

Now, as the booming value of Russia’s oil and commodity trade has revived the economy, President Vladimir Putin has felt able to reassert his country’s military prowess.

The Russian military has…[recently] intensified air force exercises, sending strategic bombers to areas off Norway and Iceland, as well as Russia’s northeast corner, across the Bering Strait from Alaska.

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