Arctic Update – Canada Makes a Move

On Friday, Prime Minister Harper announced his intention to create and refurbish Canadian military bases in the Arctic.

BBC News, August 1oth:

[Prime Minister Stephen] Harper announced plans last month to build six naval vessels to patrol the…Northwest Passage, a shipping channel between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans currently blocked by ice during the winter months.

[Today] Mr. Harper said a cold-weather army training base would be set up at Resolute Bay and an existing port at a former mine at Nanisivik would be refurbished to supply Arctic patrol vessels.

He said the facilities would bolster Canada’s claims to disputed portions of the Arctic.

“Today’s announcements tell the world that Canada has real, growing, long-term presence in the Arctic”, [Mr. Harper said].

The seabed below the North Pole, an area containing as much as 25% of the world’s undiscovered oil and gas according to a US not currently regarded as part of any single country’s territory and is governed instead by complex international agreements.


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2 responses to “Arctic Update – Canada Makes a Move

  1. jasmine

    of all the countries to take over the arctic, i think canada is probably the safest bet for the world. you should write more commentary about these news clips, eh?

  2. turtlecity

    I’m wary of commentary and am actually making a conscious effort to avoid it as much as possible here.

    Commentary betrays opinion and I see opinion-based reporting as part of the problem with journalism today (ie. fox news).

    My goal with this blog is to inform people of things they wouldn’t have read about otherwise and let the facts speak for themselves.

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