Russia Attempts to Curtail Election Monitor


Washington Post
, October 24:

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe normally works well in advance of election day, monitoring the run-up to the vote. Four years ago, during Russia’s last parliamentary vote, the OSCE had been at work for five weeks at this stage in the process. By election day in 2003, there were 450 OSCE observers in Russia, according to officials with the group.

With parliamentary elections just weeks away, Russia has still not extended an invitation to Europe’s principal election watchdog to monitor the vote.

Associated Press, October 25:

Russian proposals…dated Sept. 18, were distributed to delegations of the OSCE last month.

Among other things, they would limit election monitoring missions to no more than 50 people and would restrict missions from “making any public assessments of the election environment in the host country” before election results are officially announced, according to a copy of the proposals.

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