Bus Explodes in Russia

Associated Press, October 31:

A powerful bomb ripped through a bus in central Russia Wednesday morning, killing eight people and wounding at least 53…

DPA, October 31:

The domestic security agency FSB hung a ban on information on the circumstances of the attack, and journalists complained of being arrested as they attempted to gather information near the site of the explosion.

AFP, October 31:

While Russia continues to face insurgent violence in the mainly Muslim Caucasus mountain region on its southern border, such attacks are almost unheard of in Samara.

“In the pre-election period attempts are being made to destabilise the situation in the regions. The main question is who gains from this,” said Viktor Ilyukhin, a member of parliament, quoted by RIA Novosti.

Reuters, November 1:

The blast came just over a month before Russia votes in parliamentary polls widely seen as a referendum on Putin’s eight years in power.

A day before the Togliatti blast, local security officials met to discuss security arrangements during the elections…

The Times, November 1:

“We have reached the conclusion that this was an act of terrorism,” Vladimir Artyakov, the region’s governor, told Russian television.


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