Site 41 Update – Corruption

Genivar recently acquired the companies the County of Simcoe uses for both environmental assessment and landfill development.

Landfill development giant Genivar recently acquired Jagger Hims and Henderson Paddon, companies the County of Simcoe uses for environmental assessment and landfill development, respectively.

Council of Canadians, July 14

The Council of Canadians has learned that Jagger Hims, the company Simcoe County contracted for the groundwater analysis of controversial dump Site 41, was recently acquired by a company called Genivar – a major landfill developer…Jagger Hims is Genivar’s second acquisition of a company working on Site 41. Genivar also recently bought Henderson Paddon, hired by the County of Simcoe for all their Landfill Site designs including Site 41.

But the new Site 41 controversy doesn’t end there. In 2007, “Simcoe County hired Genivar Consulting Inc. to identify the business case for County Landfill Site 41… Genivar Consulting has identified Site 41 as both safe and suitable for a new waste management solid waste facility,” according to a county newsletter. Now Genivar, a company with a vested interest in building landfills, including Site 41 specifically, controls whether or not Jagger Hims releases the ModFlow (a widely used US Geological Survey computer-generated modeling system, also known as a Modular Three-Dimensional Groundwater Flow Model).

Jagger Hims, whose data interpretation Site 41’s viability is based on, has refused to release the ModFlow groundwater analysis to the public, the [County of Simcoe-created] Community Monitoring Committee (CMC), or the Council of Canadians. Jagger Hims has even refused to comply with an order from the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (the order was issued just one week before Genivar’s May 20, 2009 announcement that it had acquired Jagger Hims). The pretext for Jagger Hims denying access to the ModFlow was their alleged independence, despite the fact that it is now a subsidiary of Genivar, a landfill industry company.


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